RIP Leisa Bell, Owner of Mello’s Restaurant in Ottawa

Leisa Bell Mello's Ottawa Death

This morning I found out that Leisa Bell passed away on January 31, 2014. She was the welcoming and often boisterous owner of Mello’s Restaurant in Ottawa.

To me, she made Mello’s what it is. I just heard a story from my colleague that accurately portrays her sense of humour:

“Some guy asked Leisa if the pancakes were any good – she loudly responded in front of a full restaurant ‘No – the pancakes fucking suck… what do you want me to say?'”

You will be sincerely missed by so many people Leisa.

Please feel free to share a memory of Leisa that you have in the comments.

Edit:  The Ottawa Citizen recently published an article about Leisa. You can find it here.