Introducing My New Book: The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping By Mark Hayes and Andrew Youderian

I’m happy to announce my new book, The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping, is now available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you’re into saving trees,  digital version are available to purchase through iTunes and B&N NOOK.

My co-author and I  wrote this book because we were sick and tired of all the ‘get rich quick schemes’ and ‘make millions on eBay without lifting a finger’ crap that is currently out there. This is a no-BS guide to dropshipping that’s perfect for ecommerce beginners and experts alike. And I’m proud to say it’s  hands-down the most comprehensive and relevant book on dropshipping available today.

Thanks to everybody who helped me along the way. A special thanks to my co-author, Andrew Youderian, who has been an absolute godsend during the creation of this book.